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NYCT/MTA Bus Open Stroller Pilot

Updated Sep 28, 2022

Introducing Designated Open Stroller Areas

Traveling with babies and toddlers can be challenging. We want to make it a little easier.

Currently, strollers must be folded before boarding all MTA NYCT buses. Beginning in the fall of 2022, we are running a pilot program to test Designated Open Stroller Areas on some of our buses. Providing designated space for open strollers on buses will allow your child to stay seated, and you can get on and off the bus more easily. 

This pilot will assess how well our buses can accommodate open, occupied strollers without impeding access or service for other riders. 

Buses in the pilot will have one designated area for a single open stroller near the rear door of the bus, completely separate from the wheelchair securement area at the front of the bus.

Getting customer feedback – from stroller users and non-stroller users – is key to the success of this pilot. Please use our customer feedback form to tell us what you think about our Open Stroller Pilot.

What we're doing

During this pilot we  are outfitting all buses on seven routes with a Designated Open Stroller Area. Starting in late September, you will see a Designated Stroller Area on buses along the following routes:  

  • The Bronx: Bx23 

  • Brooklyn: B1 

  • Manhattan: M31 

  • Queens: Q12 and Q50 

  • Staten Island: S53 and S93 

By early October, all buses on these routes will be outfitted with the Designated Stroller Area.

Designated Open Stroller Areas

An NYCT/MTA Bus pilot program

Changes on the bus

  • Buses with a Designated Stroller Area will have a sticker with a stroller symbol on the outside of the bus, near the front door, so you will know before you board that it’s a pilot bus.
  • On all buses in the pilot program, the Designated Stroller Area will be marked with a prominent decal over the stroller area.

What will the designated area look like? 

  • Depending on the type of bus, you’ll either see an open area near the rear door or a pair of flip seats across from the rear door.

An example of the Designated Open Stroller Area decal is above side-by-side photos of a child in a stroller, using the area, and a mother, seated in the next seat, controlling the stroller.
Designated Open Stroller Areas are designed for one stroller.

On the bus


  • Secure your child in the stroller 
  • Apply the brakes on your stroller 
  • Maintain control of the stroller 
  • Keep the aisle clear 
  • Follow operator instructions 
  • Be aware of the space limitations; you may need to fold your stroller if it does not fit in the designated area 


  • Block the aisle 
  • Use the Designated Stroller Area without a stroller if you can stand or sit elsewhere 
  • Use the Designated Stroller Area to store other large objects 
The Designated Open Stroller Area pilot program ensures Wheelchair Priority Seating remains the same.
Wheelchair Priority Seating will not change with the introduction of Designated Stroller Areas.

About the pilot

The pilot will help us learn as much as possible about stroller use and customer needs on MTA buses. That’s why we are testing this policy change on routes that serve diverse communities in every borough, with varied travel patterns and destinations.  

Our goals: 

  • Evaluate use of the stroller space 

  • Get rider feedback on seating options 

  • Hear from our bus operators on their experience 

  • Identify safety concerns and opportunities to improve 

  • Refine cost estimates for the program 

What’s next 

The pilot program is scheduled to run for six months. We will evaluate the program as we go with feedback from our customers, bus operators, and community advocates. This will help us determine the best way to make New York’s buses more family-friendly while maintaining the same level of reliable and safe service. 

Do you ride one of these routes, or navigate our bus system with a child who uses a stroller? Use our customer feedback form to tell us what you think about our Open Stroller Pilot.