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How to get to Orchard Beach on public transit

Find out how to get to Orchard Beach on MTA subways and buses.

Beaches are open from Memorial Day weekend through the summer along Long Island Sound in Pelham Bay Park.

You can get to Orchard Beach by bus, with easy connections from the subway.

Getting to Orchard Beach 

By subway: Take a   train to Pelham Bay Park, then transfer to a bus.  

By bus: Take a City Island-bound Bx29 bus, or on weekends during the summer, take the Bx12 to Orchard Beach.  

Tips for getting to the beach 

  • Allow plenty of time. We do critical repair work on weekends and you may need to transfer or take a different line to finish your trip. Learn more about planned service changes

  • Skip the MetroCard vending machine and pay your fare with OMNY. Use your contactless fare payment device, like your smartphone or credit or debit card, to pay your fare. Learn more on the OMNY page.  

  • Keep seats and aisles clear. Try to keep your beach gear out of walkways and doorways, too.  

Option 1: Take the 6 train to the bus

From the Pelham Bay Park   station, connect to the Bx29 bus at Charles Crimi Blvd and the subway overpass. Take a City Island-bound bus to Orchard Beach Circle, then follow Park Drive.

On summer weekends, the Bx12 goes directly to Orchard Beach Bus Terminal. The Bx12 stop at Pelham Bay Park is located at Westchester Ave and Bruckner Blvd.

The Pelham Bay Park  station and all MTA buses are accessible. 

Option 2: Take an MTA bus

  1. Take the Bx29 toward City Island 

Exit at Orchard Beach Circle/City Island Rd. From there, follow Park Drive to Orchard Beach. 

  1. Take the Bx12 to Orchard Beach (summer weekends)

Exit at Orchard Beach and Park Drive, and walk to the beach.

Connect to the Bx12 at the following train stations:

  • Inwood-207 St 
  • 207 St 
  • University Heights (Metro-North)
  • Fordham Rd 
  • Fordham Rd 
  • Fordham (Metro-North)
  • Pelham Pkwy 
  • Pelham Pkwy 
  • Pelham Bay Park