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MTA Bridges and Tunnels

We operate seven bridges and two tunnels in New York City, handling more than 336 million vehicle crossings each year.
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The Central Business District Tolling Program is temporarily paused pending necessary approvals.

The Congestion Relief Zone will launch at a later date. Check back for updates.

Congestion Relief Zone tolling

Starting June 30, 2024, vehicles entering the Congestion Relief Zone in Manhattan—local streets and avenues at or below 60 Street—will be charged a toll. The toll amount will depend on the type of vehicle, time of day, whether any crossing credits apply, and the method of payment. See the full toll rate schedule.

E-ZPass is the best and cheapest way to pay the toll. Most drivers will be able to pay with their existing E-ZPass tag and account. If you already have an E-ZPass account, make sure it is up to date with your current license plate number as this will be needed for appropriate discounts, exemptions, and crossing credits. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one on the E-ZPass website.

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Toll Information

The best way to get the lowest toll rate is to sign up for an E-ZPass account with the New York Customer Service Center. Customers can save at least 25% off of the Tolls by Mail Rate. The best way to manage your E-ZPass account is through the Tolls NY app. Download the Tolls NY app for iOS or Android.

Rules and regulations

Trucks and commercial vehicles

Operators of trucks and other commercial vehicles are subject to certain rules at the MTA's nine crossings. These include weight and height restrictions, as well as restrictions for trucks transporting hazardous materials. 

Note that trucks are not permitted across the Henry Hudson Bridge at any time.

Bikers and pedestrians

You cannot ride your bike across MTA bridges or through MTA tunnels. If the bridge has a pedestrian walkway, you may walk your bike across.

Walkways are located on the following MTA bridges:

  • Robert F. Kennedy Bridge
  • Henry Hudson Bridge
  • Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge
  • Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge

Contact us

Contact the Office of the MTA Toll Payer Advocate

We can help with:

  • Free and independent toll-problem assistance
  • Resolving long-standing toll problems
  • Recommending administrative reforms

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Contact our Customer Service Center

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About us

We serve more than 920,000 vehicles on an average day. In 2023, we carried more traffic than any bridge and tunnel authority in the nation—more than 336 million vehicles. Surplus revenues from our tolls help support MTA public transit services.

All of our crossings use cashless, electronic tolling systems. This lets us process traffic more quickly and safely and reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

Bridges and Tunnels at a glance

  • 2023 Operating Budget: $491.4 million
  • 2023 Support to Mass Transit: $1.591 billion
  • 2023 Average Weekday Vehicles: 935,000
  • Bridges: 7
  • Tunnels: 2

Map of our bridges and tunnels

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